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    Check out the new Printable Schedule  :  (Click to print Schedule) (Click to print Enrollment Form)  Classes start September 2, 2008.
    Class Studio Instructor
  5:30 Combo II  A Emily
  6:30 Combo I  A Emily
  7:30 Beg. Jazz/Hip-Hop  A Emily
  4:30 Pre-Dance  B Sherry
  5:30 Zumba  B  Stephanie
  6:30 Pilates  B  Stephanie
  7:30 Intermediate Tumbling  B Caty
  8:30 Technique  B Sherry
  4:30 Pre-Tumbling  A Sherry
  5:15 Pre-Dance  A Sherry
  6:15  Combo II  A Sherry
  7:15 Advanced Tumbling  A Sherry
  8:15  Sensuality Class 8-Week Class  A Sherry
  4:45 Combo I  B  Cathy
  5:45 Pre-Dance  B Cathy and Eric
  6:45 Combo III  B Eric
  7:45 Ballroom II  B Eric
  8:45 Ballroom I  B Eric
  10:00 am Pre-Dance  A Sherry
  4:15 Pre-Dance  A Sherry
  5:15 Troupe *  A Sherry
  6:45 Competition Team*
  8:15 Team Meeting (1st Wed. of the Month)  A Sherry
  4:45 Tiny Tot Team **  B Alyssa
  5:45 Diva Team*  B Alyssa
  6:45 Performance Team*  B Alyssa
  1:00 Pre-Dance  A Cathy
  2:00 Combo I  A Cathy
  4:45 Beg. Jazz/Hip-Hop  A Alayna
  5:45 Combo III  A Alayna
  6:45 Adult Jazz/Hip-Hop  A Alayna
  7:45 Inter. Adv. Jazz/Hip-Hop **  A Alayna
  5:30 Beg. Tumbling  B Emily
  6:30 Inter.  Jazz/ Hip-Hop  B Emily
  7:30 Ballet/Lyrical  B Emily
  8:30 Pointe **    
  10:00 Jazz/Hip Hop Combo III (All Boys)  A Jordan
  11:00 Combo II  A Jordan
  TBD Private Technique Lessons  TBD Jordan
    *A try-out is mandatory for these classes.    
    ** Teacher Recommendation Required    

Classes are subject to change. Classes not on schedule may be added upon request.


Class Age  Description
Pre-Dance 3-5 Tap,  Ballet, Tumbling, Circle Fun and Project.
Black tap and  ballet Shoes
Pre-Tumbling 3-5 Work on gross motor skills doing floor work and circle fun activities.
Tumbling 6 and up Floor work only. Beginning-Advanced
No shoes required
Jazz 7 and up Traditional American dance to popular music.  Black  ballet- 1st year
Jazz  Boots- 2nd - over
Combination I 8 and up Tap,  Ballet, Tumbling
Black tap and Ballet Shoes
Tap 9 and up Get your feet moving to the beat.
 Ballet 9 and up Classical dance form that helps with  balance, strength, and flexibility.
Pink ballet shoes
Cheer/ Tumbling 10 and up Combination of Tumbling and Cheer technique
Drill and Dance Learn how to combine your dance and drill abilities together.
Hip Hop Class Learn the latest dance steps to the popular music of today.  Jazz experience preferred.
Competition  Fort students that want to take their dance experience to the next level with competing around the Kansas Area 
Beginning Ballroom 16-Adult Singles and Couples wanting to learn ballroom, swing and Latin dances
Ballroom II 16-Adult Singles and Couples with Beg. Ballroom or Experience




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